As a life coach, HH SwamiGuru Maha Saraswathi Sri Kriyathasa Sekar, or SwamiGuru in short, has ardently pursued a profound interest in unravelling the mystery of the human mind and thereon, how to enable people to lead an enriching, meaningful life.

He was the Founder of 7C RealiZation Centre and Happiness2Life, a ten-year-old socio-interactive organisation for people from all walks of life, regardless of race or religion. Currently, SwamiGuru is an advisor to these two organisations.

His motto is to empower interested persons to embrace and lead a happy life with clarity and peace of mind. He is committed towards guiding everyone to enjoy an abundant and happy life.

Having been an ardent counsellor for some 13 years, SwamiGuru is able to discuss about many subjects, clearing doubts and hurdles so that people may realise the root cause of what is troubling them, and to change for the better.

From anger to happiness, stress and sorrow, from worries and weaknesses to simplicity, peace and purity, negative and positive mindset — no matter what topics are queried, SwamiGuru articulates simple, meaningful answers that helps people to lead successful lives, as they empower themselves.

To date, he has two books to his name, having authored “Making Miracles for the Self: Inspiring you to live Right” and co-authored “AI in the Age of IR4.0: A Primer”.

Alongside his mindfulness path, SwamiGuru leads an active, corporate life with over 30 years of corporate experience in managing business operations, personnel and information technology. He has assisted in establishing stockbroking and information technology companies throughout the ASEAN region.

In both his mindfulness and corporate journeys, SwamiGuru is highly sought-after as a knowledgeable speaker and panellist in many events within Malaysia and across the globe such as Indonesia, Japan, Estonia, Dublin, China, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, Guam, India, Australia, Poland, US and London, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka.

He regularly shares his business/corporate experiences in areas relating to Digital Economy, Disruptions in Banking, Digital Transformation, etc.