Spend a Morning with HH SwamiGuru

When: Sunday, 15 December 2019, from 9.30 am onwards.
Where: 7C Life RealiZation Centre,

7, Jalan Lembah 5/2, Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
RSVP By: 11 December 2019.

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Making Miracles for the Self: Inspiring You to Live RIGHT by HH SwamiGuru

12th Swami Satyananda Memorial Lecture 2019

“Love is the power that connects and energises.” | HH SWAMIGURU


HH SwamiGuru’s speech during The Classics Challengers’ Merdeka Event 2019 – Literature and Us.

Spirituality and Literature


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November 16, 2019

12th Swami Satyananda Memorial Lecture

Jul 19, 2019

What is the Secret to Happiness?

Wisdom, Health or Wealth

June 14, 2019