Making Miracles for The Self : Inspiring You to Live RIGHT

by HH SwamiGuru

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About The Book

Making Miracles for the Self is the practical guide for all readers. Through the ideas and techniques in this book, readers will create unique paths that will help them lead lives filled with much happiness. The stories in this book are based on the many people who have undertaken their individual journey of transformation. They have learnt how to break the patterns they created and transformed their lives and created their own destiny. A classic example is Daisy (Chapter 2) who made it a habit to regularly practise reciting one positive statement that gave her the added confidence to sit for an exam that changed her life.

The author has been fastidious in choosing examples that relate to everyday things that happen to ordinary people. From time to time, he shares some effective and relatively simple exercises that readers can practise to transform their bodies, minds and souls into powerful tools for success. The stories he shares are sometimes his own and sometimes those of the people who have sought his counsel. A perfect example of this is Clara (Chapter 3) who bore the burden of keeping a secret she had held close to herself for decades. The miracle here was how quickly she recovered from the traumatic experience and discovered her purpose in life. As one progresses through the book, people tend to feel that the author is writing about them as they recognise themselves in these stories. Although the characters like Betty (Chapter 4), Sara (Chapter 5) and Terry (Chapter 6) are fictional, they still contain bits and pieces of many people the author has come across over the years and have become unique characters in themselves. It is the author’s hope that readers will see that they are not alone and many others are in similar situations.

A unique facet of this book is that all the pertinent points have been crystallised towards the end of each chapter in a section called “Guiding Points”. Reading this alone will help guide readers onto the choice path of making miracles in their lives. When readers experience the transformative powers within them for the first time, it is as though a miracle has taken place. When they return over and over again to absorb these timeless teachings, it’ll be as though life itself is one continuous miracle after another. Problems will not exist and they will be living a life full of purpose and meaning.

HH SwamiGuru

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About the author.

HH SwamiGuru (Dr. Sekar Jaganathan) founded 7C Life RealiZation Centre (7C Life) in 2009 to help people achieve clarity of mind and live successful lives by practising mindfulness. His teachings have been delivered through mind focus classes, retreats, personal interactions and counselling sessions. Over the years, he has helped over 5,000 people worldwide. In his corporate role, HH SwamiGuru also has over 28 years of experience in managing business operations, personnel and information technology. He has assisted in establishing stockbroking and information technology companies throughout the region. He was also part of the team that developed the National Artificial Intelligence Framework for the Malaysian government and an honorary advisor to the SEGI-MIMOS Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research, Malaysia. He is currently pursuing his second doctorate, a PhD in management, researching the “Role of Emotional Intelligence in Digital Business”. In this capacity, HH SwamiGuru is aware of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and the need to stay ahead of the global changes it heralds. As such, in 2018, HH SwamiGuru started new chapters at 7C Life with Quantum Inno-Creat Sdn Bhd (QIC) and Happiness2Life (H2L). HH SwamiGuru is also invited to speak at a whole host of events, as panellist and guest speaker alike. The topics he covers are diverse and range from mindfulness, counselling in cancer survivors, to digital business and digital transformation. As a practitioner of his teachings, HH SwamiGuru enjoys a great life. In essence, HH SwamiGuru’s motto is, “Life is Simple.”

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