US and Asian Wealth Management Professionals Discuss Financial Planning and Effective Use of Robo-Advisory Services

When discussing wealth management strategies and how Fintech solutions can help investors better manage their portfolios, analysts often talk about how to create new wealth. They may discuss goal setting, risk profile management, and investment management.

Dr. Sekar Jaganathan, Director of Digital Strategy at Kenanga Bank, says that wealth management as an industry has to grow and then it has to “mature.”

Dr. Sekar, whose comments came during a panel discussion about the power of data in wealth management, pointed out (along with the other panelists) that data analytics in the asset management sector is still in its early stages of development.

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Dr. Sekar Jaganathan is the Founder of 7C Life RealiZation Centre ( an organisation that is aimed at teaching people to achieve clarity of mind and live successful lives by practising mindfulness. He is also a person who has his feet firmly planted in the technology and AI, he sees the need for us to stay ahead of the global changes they herald.